IELTS Writing marking service

Stuck on a band 6 or 6.5 in your writing?

IELTS essay correction onlineMany IELTS candidates find that they can achieve a band 7 in the reading, listening and speaking parts of the test, but their writing scores are holding them back. 

If you need expert feedback to find out your writing strengths and weaknesses, Home English’s essay marking service can help. As experienced IELTS teachers, we are best placed to provide you with personalised, honest and detailed feedback on your IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2 submissions. 

What does this service involve?

Get in touch with a qualified English teacherWe provide detailed feedback on every essay marked which is mapped against the IELTS band descriptors (the guidelines used by IELTS examiners when they mark your work). We  pay particular attention to:

  • The structure of your essay
  • How well ideas and paragraphs are linked together
  • The vocabulary and grammar used
  • The development of your ideas (Writing Part 2)
  • Whether you have focused on the most important information (Writing Part 1)
  • Whether you have answered the question (Writing Part 2)

IELTS essay correction websiteNot only will we correct all your important mistakes, but will provide suggestions on how you can improve your essay overall and, where necessary, send you worksheets or direct you to useful websites to help you work on grammar points that you may be finding difficult.

All essays are marked to the official IELTS marking criteria:

Feedback will be sent by email. In addition, we can arrange a telephone call if you require any further information at no extra cost.

What will I receive?

How much does it cost?

  • Contact Home English todayTo mark one IELTS Writing Part 1 essay (150 words) – £10
  • To mark one IELTS Writing Part 2 essay (250 words) – £15
  • To mark one Part 1 and one Part 2 essay – £22

Payments must be made online via Paypal (with the option to use a credit or debit card) before any essays are marked.

Submit your IELTS essays online

Follow the steps below to submit your IELTS Writing Tasks online:

1. Download your Task 1 and / or 2 questions from here or choose your own.

2. Complete this form below to submit the report(s) or essay(s).  (You will be redirected to an Acuity payment page once you submit this form)