Hello, I’m Gerry. How are you?

Gerry Edwards is an experienced ESOL and English language teacher
Gerry Edwards loves teaching English to adults and has over 20 years experience.

I have a TESOL Certificate in teaching English as a second language from Trinity College – London, a Certificate of Higher Education in Further Education from Birmingham City University, and twenty years’ experience in teaching.

I’ve taught large EFL and ESOL classes, exam classes, dedicated smaller classes for professionals, individual one-to-one sessions, as well as creating specialist English language courses for artists and people working in the creative industries.

I love teaching because I really enjoy meeting people from lots of different countries and sharing our stories. I feel like I travel around the world every time I’m in the classroom. What’s really important for me is that my students feel valued and supported; that they increase their confidence in English and feel more independent here in the UK.

I really look forward to meeting you.