TEACHER PROFILE: Caroline Cordery

My name is Caroline and I love history, health, hot yoga, horses and hats!

Caroline has been an ESOL teacher since 2007 at a big college in Birmingham.
Caroline has been teaching English since 2007 and loves everything about the English language!

I have been an ESOL teacher in a college in Birmingham since 2007, so I have experience in teaching adults from all the different language backgrounds that we have in this city.

I have also taught students one to one, mainly helping them with their essays to get their degrees in education and nursing.

I love to travel and it was while I was living in Japan for three years that I discovered that English teaching was the career that fit me best.

My educational background is in linguistics, especially the English language, and even today I still listen to podcasts all about topics like the history of words, and comparing the grammar of different languages.

I love to be strict about the details of the English that you’re speaking and writing, concentrating on your pronunciation, punctuation, natural expression, and everything involved in your language study that helps you to say exactly what you mean.

I will be completely focused on you and your English needs every minute of our lessons together and I can’t wait to meet you to see how I can help.